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Rune Beard Bead "Ansuz" - 6 mm
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Short description
Beard bead with rune "Ansuz". Hair beads in shape of a cylinder with knot work and rune according to the elder Futhark. Zamak alloy. 1.4 x 1 cm. Hole 6 mm.

Rune hair bead "Ansuz" in the style of the Vikings.

That expressive beard bead with a rune in the style of the Viking Age was designed according to the Germanic rune alphabet, the so-called Futhark, and is depicting the rune Thurisaz, which stands for the letter "A".

In addition to the Ansuz beard bead, you can choose from 23 other rune beard beads with the characters of the older Germanic rune alphabet, with each rune having a different meaning.

So Thurisaz means: Ase, deity, trust in the great whole and in higher powers, communication, inspiration, power of the spirit over matter, sorcery, magic, wisdom, misunderstandings, deception, vanity

Measures of the rune bead "Ansuz": 1.4 x 1 cm. Hole diameter 6 mm.

The rune bead is available in brass and silver, made of zamak alloy.

To thread a rune beard bead, it is advisable to sharpen the hair strand with some hair gel or water beforehand, so that it can be led more easily through the hole of the bead.
Before threading the bead, you can also use a small beard gum if your hair is particularly straight. This makes it easier to place the bead and also ensures a secure fit. A real Viking uses a piece of yarn to wrap the runic hair beads in the right style...

The futhark or fuark is the common Germanic rune series named after the first six runes (ᚠᚢᚦᚨᚱᚲ, F-U--A-R-K) of the rune alphabet. Here one distinguishes primarily between the older and the younger Futhark, although there are also several other variations.
The older Futhark consists of 24 characters, each of which is assigned to a certain sound and was used in the same form by all Germanic tribes until about 750 AD. Therefore it is also called common Germanic Futhark. The oldest evidence of the Germanic runic writing dates back to the first and second century A.D., whereas the Futhark probably goes back to southern European models.
In North German Friesland as well as in England, an extended runic series developed from the late 5th century onwards, which was in use until the 11th century. This Futhark was extended by some new runes, which expressed the umlauts , y and œ, which had developed over time in the Germanic languages.
From the common Germanic rune alphabet finally developed the younger Futhark, which was limited to 16 runes, with the same character representing several sounds. At the end of the 10th century, different dotting was introduced, whereas the younger Futhark was widely used during the Viking Age and thus about 6000 runic inscriptions have been handed down until today.

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Rune Beard Bead "Ansuz". Vking Hair Bead Futhark. Also Wholesale. Rune Beard Bead "Ansuz" - 6 mm

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Rune Beard Bead "Ansuz". Vking Hair Bead Futhark. Also Wholesale. Rune Beard Bead "Ansuz" - 6 mm