Customers can choose between prepayment by bank transfer, direct debit, credit card and Paypal.
Cash on delivery is unfortunately not possible.

Deliveries to private customers need to be made in advance.
Museums and other public institutions can also receive supplies on account. 

Deliveries abroad outside the EU are only possible against prepayment or PayPal.

Deliveries to commercial wholesale customers are exclusively with invoice.

The following payment options are available:


VISA and MasterCard are both very safe and fast payment systems with credit card and are internationally spread.
To pay, after the ordering process simply enter your card number and the expiration month from the front of the credit card as well as the check number on the back of the card (the check number consists only of the last three digits of the number). The amount will then be deducted as usual from your credit card. Your credit card data will not be saved by us.

PayPal is a widespread online payment service that allows you to pay online, securely, easily and quickly - and free of charge. The advantages of Paypal are: Security - Your bank details are only deposited with PayPal. Therefore they are not sent again over the Internet with every online purchase. Easy - you pay with just two clicks, as you simply access your bank details stored at PayPal instead of entering them again at each purchase. Fast - Paypal payments are made quickly, we can send the goods immediately and you will receive them in the shortest possible time.
Alternatively you can pay the amount with PayPal also directly to

With direct debit with Paypal + you can easily pay by direct debit. In this online payment service by PayPal, the customer does not need a PayPal account. In the processing order of the “shopping basket”, you can automatically reach the payment page of PayPal "Pay by direct debit" after selecting the payment method "direct debit". The amount is then debited from your bank account as usual.

SEPA B2B Direct Debit is only available for our business customers.
This payment method requires the issuing of a SEPA direct debit mandate, which must be deposited with the debtor's bank and us as well. The required templates can be found here. For the mandate reference, please enter your customer numbers, which you will find on the top / right of your invoice. The remaining fields should be self-explanatory.

Prepayment / Bank transfer - If you choose the option "Prepayment", you transfer the amount from your bank account to our bank account. Either online or at your bank. Please always state your name, the customer number and the order number, so that we can assign your payment correctly. The shipping of the delivered goods to you follows then immediately after receipt of your payment in our account. Depending on the bank, however, several days may pass before the goods are dispatched.
Please use the following account connections for private customers inside or outside of Germany.

Giropay_LogoGiropay - If you liked to pay your order immediately by transfer and liked to fill no complicated transfer, Giropay is the easy and quick alternative. You simply select your bank and get forwarded to your house bank. There you log in with your Online access data and release with a TAN the presatisfactory transfer. So easely your order is paid and we can start woring on it.

Private customers
Peer Carstens
Dresdner Volksbank Raiffeisenbank eG
IBAN: DE16 8509 0000 3447 181 001

Invoice_LogoInvoice - The payment option invoice is only open to our commercial wholesale customers and public institutions such as museums. Please do not pay the value of the goods on your order in advance, but always wait for the delivery and settle the amount indicated on the enclosed invoice, as it is always possible that not all ordered items are included in the delivery. In order to settle the payment, we will grant you a payment period of 14 days after the date of the invoice. Please use the account details below for wholesale customers inside or outside Germany.

Business customers
Peer Carstens
East Saxon Sparkasse Dresden
IBAN: DE79 8505 0300 3030 0080 52

Transferwise is an excellent alternative to traditional bank transfer or PayPal because it is up to 85% cheaper than a classic bank transfer and much cheaper than PayPal. The transfer is done online with your usual account data.
Especially for larger amounts where PayPal quickly becomes too expensive, or for regular payments, Transferwise is particularly appropriate. Transferwise is secure, fast, and easy to use.
You can use our abovementioned account details to transfer. Link to Transferwise.
Or simply send the money to our email address
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Payment options for private and retail customers

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MobileST ist ein Template für die xt:commerce (v3.04 SP2.1) Shopsoftware, das allen Shop-Besuchern ein komfortables Einkaufserlebnis bietet, die mit dem Smartphone den Online-Shop besuchen. Alle Seiten sind so optimiert, dass der Besucher schnell und einfach durch die einzelnen Shopseiten navigieren kann und sofort alle nötigen Informationen auf einem Blick hat. Die Navigation durch Links ist Touch-optimiert und die Darstellung so gewählt, dass nicht mehr in die Seite hereingezoomt werden muss.

Das Template ermöglicht es mit dem Smartphone, einfach nach gewünschten Artikeln zu suchen, diese aufzurufen, und sich Produktangaben auf Artikel-Detailseiten anzuschauen. Dort findet der Besucher Produktbeschreibungen, ähnliche Angebote, die Option, den Artikel in den Warenkorb zu legen anschließend zu bestellen. Weiterhin kann das Kundenkonto verwaltet werden und getätigte Bestellungen eingesehen werden.

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Payment options for private and retail customers